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What is AudienceHero?

AudienceHero is a modular API-Centric Audience Management System. AudienceHero is a free (as in speech, and as in beer) software licensed under the MIT License.

Wait! What?

It is still complex or expensive to create a basic online presence on the web, for non tech savvy people. AudienceHero aims to answer that problem by providing an all-in-one tool to:

  • Have an online presence
  • Have a newsletter
  • Manage media
  • Capture email addresses
  • Organize their communication through different channels
  • Provide detailed stats about their audience

Think of what can do a well configured wordpress with already installed plug-ins, and you will get what the aim of the project is.



This documentation assumes you have a working knowledge of the Symfony Framework, ApiPlatform and React Admin. If you’re not familiar with Symfony, please start with reading the Quick Tour from the Symfony documentation.

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Core Concepts