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HasSubjects is one of the core behavior of AudienceHero. It provides a standard way to loosely couple Resources implementing the `IdentifiableInterface <doc:/core/behaviors/identifiable>`_ together.

How to use the HasSubjects behavior?

The Referenceable behavior is used by describing that your class uses the HasSubjectsInterface interface and uses the HasSubjectsEntity trait.


use AudienceHero\Bundle\CoreBundle\Behavior\HasSubjects\HasSubjectsEntity;
use AudienceHero\Bundle\CoreBundle\Behavior\HasSubjects\HasSubjectsInterface;

class Page implements HasSubjectsInterface
    use HasSubjectsEntity;

The Page class now has this set of methods:

  • public function getSubjects(): array;
  • public function setSubjects(array $subjects): void;
  • public function getSubject(string $key): ?IdentifiableInterface;
  • public function addSubject(IdentifiableInterface $identifiable): HasSubjectsInterface;
  • public function removeSubject(IdentifiableInterface $identifiable): HasSubjectsInterface;


As the HasSubjects behavior add fields to your entity, you will need to update your database schema.

Known Limitations

The current implementation of the HasSubjects behavior limits the number of resources you can couple with a class implementing the HasSubjects interface. You won’t be able to couple two resources of the same class.

$page = new Page();
$firstSubject = new Subject(); // imaginary class implementing the IndentifiableInterface
$secondSubject = new Subject(); // imaginary class implementing the IndentifiableInterface
$link = new Link(); // imaginary class implementing the IndentifiableInterface

// not supported

// supported