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Ownable is one of the core behaviors of AudienceHero. It consists of a set of interface and trait, used to take profit of the multi-tenant system, in a standard way.

The standard way includes:

  • Adding the owner field to the entity.
  • Adding the Doctrine mapping.
  • Setting the correct serializer groups.
  • Setting the validator assertions.


It is highly recommended to use the OwnableInterface and OwnableEntity when creating an entity. It reduces boilerplate and ensure that your entity will play well in the AudienceHero ecosystem.

How to use the Ownable behavior?

The Ownable behavior is used by describing that your class uses the OwnableInterface and use the OwnableEntity trait.


namespace App\Entity;

use AudienceHero\Bundle\CoreBundle\Behavior\Ownable\OwnableEntity;
use AudienceHero\Bundle\CoreBundle\Behavior\Ownable\OwnableInterface;

class Page implements OwnableInterface
    use OwnableEntity;

The Page class now has getOwner() and setOwner() methods and a owner field.


As the Ownable behavior add a field to your entity, you will need to update your database schema.