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Publishable is one of the core behaviors of AudienceHero. It consists of a set of interface and trait, used to be able to manage the visibility of a resource (private / public / visibile only with a link) and to schedule when a resource can be switch to public.


It is highly recommended to use the PublishableInterface and PublishableEntity trait when creating an entity. It reduces boilerplate and ensure that your entity will play well in the AudienceHero ecosystem.


The Publishable behavior handles 4 visiblity states: private, unlisted, public, or scheduled.

  • private means that the resource is only viewable by its owner.
  • public means that everybody can access the resource.
  • unlisted means that the resource is accessible only to those who have the link. It is not publicly listed in sitemaps.
  • scheduled means that the resource is in the private state and at the given time, it will be automatically changed to the public state by the system.

How to enable the Publishable behavior on a resource?

The Publishable behavior is used by describing that your class uses the PublishableInterface and use the PublishableEntity trait.


namespace App\Entity;

use AudienceHero\Bundle\CoreBundle\Behavior\Publishable\PublishableEntity;
use AudienceHero\Bundle\CoreBundle\Behavior\Publishable\PublishableInterface;

class Page implements PublishableInterface
    use PublishableEntity;

The Page class now has a set of methods to manipulate the visiblity of the entity. Please refer to the interface and the trait.


As the Publishable behavior add fields to your entity, you will need to update your database schema.

How to safely change a resource visibility to public?

The Publishable behavior provides a Publisher class that handle this case perfectly. If you need to change the visiblity of a resource, you SHOULD NOT call directly the PublishableEntity::publish, but you should call the Publisher::publish method because in the future, changing a resource visibility might trigger some side effects (like dispatching an event).


use AudienceHero\Bundle\CoreBundle\Behavior\Publishable\Security\Authorization\Voter\PublishableVoter;

/** @var PublishableInterface $object
$object = new MyPublishableObject();

$object->publish(); // Do not do that

/** @var Publisher $publisher */
$publisher->publish($object); // do that

Integration of the Publishable behavior with the Symfony Security component

A voter is available to determine if a resource can be viewed.


/** @var AuthorizationCheckerInterface $authorizationChecker */
/** @var PublishableInterface $object */
if ($authorizationChecker->isGranted(PublishableVoter::SEE, $object)) {
    // do stuff if the authorization is granted
} else {
    // do stuff if the resource is not viewable

Publish all scheduled resources

In order to publish resources that are scheduled for public visibility, a command is available.

./bin/console audiencehero:core:publish