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Referenceable is one of the core behavior of AudienceHero. It provides a way to add a reference field in a resource. The reference field can be used by the end user as a private internal identifier. It is never disclosed to anybody else than the owner of the Resource.

Let’s take for example the Mailing resource. Alice wants to send the same mailing to three different groups, at three different time. She creates 3 differents resources, and uses the reference field as a way to discrimante between them, like this:

  • Party announcement to friends
  • Party announcement to early adopters
  • Party announcement to bloggers

This way, she can quickly identify them.

How to use the Referenceable behavior?

The Referenceable behavior is used by describing that your class uses the ReferenceableInterface interface and uses the ReferenceableEntity trait.


use AudienceHero\Bundle\CoreBundle\Behavior\Referenceable\ReferenceableEntity;
use AudienceHero\Bundle\CoreBundle\Behavior\Referenceable\ReferenceableInterface;

class Page implements ReferenceableInterface
    use ReferenceableEntity;

The Page class now has a set of methods to set and get the reference field. Please refer to the interface and the trait.


As the Referenceable behavior add fields to your entity, you will need to update your database schema.