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Feeling unsure about what we mean with some words? You will find an answer here.

The Back-Office is where a user can create/update/delete their resources. The Back-Office is protected by a login/password.
AudienceHero is a modular system. An extension is a tight set of features, coupled with some part of AudienceHero, designed to be installed easily. The ContactBundle and FileBundle are extensions, depending on the CoreBundle. The AcquisitionFreeDownloadBundle is an extension with a dependency on ContactBundle, FileBundle and the CoreBundle.
The Front-Office is what the public sees and interacts with. It’s the public facing part of any AudienceHero system.
AudienceHero is a multi-tenant system. It means that multiple users share the same database. A resource created within AudienceHero is always attached to the user whom created it. If Alice creates a new Contact resource, we say that Alice is the owner of this resource.
A resource is a record in the database. Every resource must be owned by an Owner. A resource can usually be accessed through the API, though it’s not mandatory.
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